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  • Blogging Quickstart

    The difference between blogging and blogging for profit is monetization. Starting a blog today is as simple, easy, and fast as setting up a social media profile. Anyone can start a blog, either self-hosted or using a WebHost. There are blogging platforms that allow you to have your segregated section, complete with your profile and exclusive posts.



  • Extended Essay Resource Pack

    A EE resource pack includes:
    1. Introduction to EE – Year 11 (IBDP)
    2. How to formulate a Research Question
    3. Tips for Viva voce & Supervisors comment
    4. How to complete RPPF
    5. EE checklist

    The Extended essay Resource pack is designed to achieve a good understanding of the Extended essay process. These resources are highly helpful for EE coordinators & DP teachers to guide students. The EE Resource Pack is designed in consultation with the highly experienced IBDP educators.

    *Useful Resources for Students, Teachers & Schools around the world.


    Why from us?

    -PPT & PDF files were done by Experienced IBDP Teachers.

    -updates available from Experienced IBDP examiner

    -Rated 5 stars on Google

    -Registered Australian Business

    -Instant Delivery! (Please make sure you provide us the right email)

    Quality Assured!


    What is included?

    Extended Essay Resource Pack

    *There are 3 PPT & 2 PDF files based on each units with detailed explanations, key terms and useful links

    -3 PPT & 2 PDF files

    -24/7 chat support

    -20% Discount on your next order